About Majestic Cleaning Services

Majestic Window cleaning LTD is a company that provides reliable efficient and a high quality window and cleaning services within the GTA surrounding area’s and southern Ontario region. With over 20 yrs. of experience our trained and highly skilled professionals are up to date with all cleaning methods height requirements working conditions knowledge safety and equipment’s. We are committed to excellence.

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Power Washing

Power Washing

Power washing is a steady jet of water blasting out at exceedingly high pressure to blast away dirt and grime from the surfaces to which its applied.  The force of the water removes any unwelcomed debris and stains from a wide variety of hard surfaces to restore a buildings original look & color.  When dirt and grime accumulate it can start to make your property looking old and outdated. Majestic cleaning is the ideal solution using a high-pressure cleaning for spotless results.

Majestic Cleaning specializes in Residential Commercial and Industrial power washing Service. We provide convenient superior quality washing with an effective solution to remove dirt dust grime algae black discoloration which build-up and collects over time. We clean exterior surfaces such as brick work walls eaves troughs soffits fascia vinyl, stucco concrete & stone slabs paths decks patios railings walkways paving stones and driveways and underground parking garages graffiti paint stains and layers of debris. Our staff are highly experienced and use top of the line equipment. Keeping your home or business clean is an important part of our job to ensure it looks clean while extending your properties life.

Create the right impression of your business by keeping your property looking its best from dirt and airborne debris around and the buildup of mold and mildew.

Our quality cleaners will have your building looking spotless creating a clean and attractive look.

Fill in your details on our short contact for one of our experienced team to assess your site and work closely with you to deliver the right solution for keeping your property looking fabulous.